The episode opened with House picking up Thirteen from prison.  Before they spoke he mae her a martini and she downed it.  House asked her how she ended up in jail and she wouldn’t let out the information.  Thirteen was gone for a year and had spent six months in jail.  Houses’ guess number one, bogus prescriptions for medical marijuana.  No, but she did do that.  He then dropped her off at a house where she need some man in the balls and then probably threatened his life.  While catching up over lunch, House told Thirteen about dating Cuddy and recently breaking up and then she just blurted out that she killed a man.

House and Thirteen go to a spud gun competition and had some pretty stiff competition from some 14-year-old. named Harold!  Thirteen confessed that she met a guy at a coffee shop, they went back to her place and he over dosed.  House figured it out that Thirteen euthanized her brother.  The man at the house was her cell-mates ex, who cheated on her while she was locked up.

Masters pulled a case of a 36-year-old male, science teacher who was having nose bleeds.  Due to House being out for three days the team was thinking a long weekend.  House called in and now they are on the case.  The team went to the patient’s house and found that it was almost like hoarding!  Books on hoarding, rotting food, no running water or air conditioning.  Masters and Chase made a second visit to the patients house and found a woman hiding under a tarp.  I’m not going to lie guys I thought they were going to find a dead body.  It turned out to be the patient’s wife.  She doesn’t like to be away from her things so he didn’t mention her.  She is the hoarder and he supports his wife.

The husband was starting to do better but his wife was getting worse and had a heart-attack.

Foreman was trying to figure out why the new RN was dating Taub.  With his investigation he found out that Taub cancelled their plans and when Foreman went home he found Taub and his ex-wife Erica getting hot and heavy on his couch.  Taub finally confessed to his ex that they should stop seeing each other.  Erica on the other hand liked what they have.

Thirteen revealed herself to help the team with the case.  Oh, guess what she will be at the hospital on Monday.  Thirteen figured out that she had a syndrome that caused miscarriages that triggered the hoarding.  In House’s words, “The bitch is back.”  Way to go Thirteen!  The husband was upset because he thought that they couldn’t have children and his wife had been lying to him for nine years.

In the end House said he would kill Thirteen.  She was worried that no one would be there to help her like she helped her brother when she gets really sick.

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