So the season premier of America’s Best Dance Crew came on last night.  I love music and I love dancing but I was pretty confused with the style I saw on the show.  First, let’s start with the judges.  Returning from previous seasons is Lil Momma and JC Chasez.  New to the mix is ABDC alumni Dominic “D-Trix” Sandoval.  I hope he gets better at giving feedback because he sounds like a fan/ fellow dance rather than a judge who is to help with improvement.

This season is the “Super Stars” season.  The crews will take on a specific singer/rapper/groups song and perform to it.  Last night was Lil Wayne.  I think the song choice effected how I saw the dance and my feelings on the crews.  Next week the crews will perform to Ke$ha.  Other music on the list include Justin Bieber, Rihanna and the Black Eyed Peas.

On to my original gripe for this post.  Did anyone check out the MC Hammer Pants that people were rocking!?!

What the heck is up with that!  A lot of fashion from my childhood and adolescence seems to be back again but this is something that I have to refuse!!  Not only that but a crew of guys that I enjoyed watching (minus the failed attempt of a fire truck) was eliminated! Eclectic Gentlemen

There is no justice.  That has always been my issue with this show.  They start eliminating crews before you see them all.  This week 5 crews performed to Lil Wayne, next week five other crews to Ke$ha.  What if Eclectic Gentlemen are better than the other five crews?  They should at least watch all crews perform and then start off eliminations with two crews gone.  Hey, who am I?  What are your thoughts?


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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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