This film doesn’t really follow a story, it is all over the place!  We meet Baby Doll (Browning) and she made some poor choices that leads to her younger sister’s death and her being put in a mental institution.  That part seemed clear.  We then go into a journey where there are three realities: 

  • The real world
  • The fantasy world
  • The fantasy, fantasy world

In the real world, Baby Doll raises hell by stabbing an orderly, helping Sweet Pea (Cornish) escape and getting a lobotomy procedure by the Doctor (Hamm).  Dr. Gorski (Guino) tried to work with her and learn about what caused her trauma, which you only see 3 seconds of) but it was unsuccessful.  In the end she becomes a stoic girl who is never the same.  This really disappoints Blue (Issac) who seemed to be obsessed with her.

In the fantasy world, the girls are dancers in an underground operation ran by Blue.  The dance instructor is Groski and all the girls have clients.  Baby Doll was able to save Rocket (Malone) and got the girls to be in on her plan to escape.  How did she come up with this plan?  A wise man ( Glenn) told her she needed a map, fire, knife, key and the 5th thing was up to her in order to escape.  Who is the wise man?  Well from the story he is someones guardian angel.  Baby Doll is some amazing raw talent dancer who can mesmerize anyone who watches her dance.  Part of the girls plan is to get the items by getting the men to watch Baby Doll.  First up, the map, Blue had the map in his office so Sweet Pea told him that Baby Doll was about to dance and when he left she made a copy.  Second, fire, Amber (Chung) had the mayor as a client, so while Baby Doll danced Blondie (Hudgens) told Amber to kiss his neck and take his lighter.  The third item, the knife, went bad.  Rocket was supposed to get it from the cook but the music stopped and Rocket ended up dead.  Oh yeah, Blondie was nowhere to be found when the girls went after this item.  Blue was onto the girls and killed Amber and Blondie (for snitching).  Baby Doll stabbed Blue and helped Sweet Pea escape by taking on the men standing outside the club/ asylum.

In the fantasy, fantasy world, every time Baby Doll danced it switched from the fantasy world into this one.  In this world the girls were warriors and their informant was the wise man.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

What the heck just happened?  The technology was not there.  I would have rather watched an anime movie that looked real life than this.  Things I didn’t like:  We saw little to no dancing and Baby Doll was supposed to be amazing, Vanessa Hudgens, the writing left loop holes.  Likes:  The music, the idea that they were trying to get across.  Also, the wise man had some good quotes: “Don’t write a check with your mouth your ass can’t cash” and “if you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything”.  Blue had a good one, “we don’t like snitches.”  It made me think of snitches get stitches.  Then the best scene in the whole movie happened.  Look out for sailor moon costumes this Halloween.  I give this film 2.5 of 5 fishnet stockings.

Sunshine’s Thoughts: This movie was probably the most disappointing thing I have seen in a while.  I was pumped about this movie (and posted numerous trailers and pics) but was let down.  As Liz said, the technology was lacking, had this been animated it would have rocked.  The story line was beyond weak, to the point of being almost non-existent.  I got the feeling that somewhere is a longer cut of this movie with more story to it, and it if there is I think it would be a great movie.  Overall, the fights scenes were fun, the acting was decent, but the movie just fell short.  I give it 2 out of 5 fishnet stockings.

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  1. Joe says:

    Sorry, but I don’t agree. I thought the film was perfectly realized from an effects point of view. Sure, future technology might make it look even better, but these effects were enough for me. I do agree that the original script was probably much better — as was the first cut, before the MPAA started remaking the film! I look forward to the director’s cut Blu-ray, which Zack said will have at least 18 minutes of lost footage.

    As for the storyline, I feel like I followed it, but judging by many reviews, I must have been the only one. There’s a reason we never saw Baby Doll dance… we, the viewers, were swept into fantasyland along with the characters — and the narrator, Sweet Pea.

  2. Sunshine says:

    I said after the movie was over that I definately “got” where Zack was headed with this movie. I think knowing what he wanted makes it impressive but I definately don’t think what he wanted was what we saw. I am ready for the directors cut because I think it will definately improve the movie and may change my thoughts on the movie as whole.

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