Source Code stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, and Jeffrey Wright.  Gyllenhaal is Colter Stevens a solider who is operating in the “source code”.  Monaghan is Christina a fellow passenger on the train that is in inside the source code.  Vera Farmiga is Goodwin, the commander leading Colter through the source code process.  And Wright is Dr. Rutledge is the man that invented the source code and put Colter in it. 

Essentially the source code is a program that allows someone (in this case Colter) live the last 8 minutes of someone’s life.  As you probably know from the previews Colter has to find out via Sean (his source code host, if you will) who blew up the train he and Christina are on.  You probably also know that Colter goes rouge and wants to save everyone and not just solve the case.  If you know all that you know the basic premise of this movie, and truly the entire plot.  The only thing you don’t know is the “twist” toward the end of the movie, but knowing that source code only works on the dead it shouldn’t take you very long to crack this case.

The stuff in between is essentially cuts between Colter on the train, Colter in his source code home, and Dr. Rutledge and/or Goodwin lecturing him about running out of time, saving the world, and trying to NOT tell him something that must be imprtant (see the end of the above paragraph to start figuring that out).  Thats the basics, and here is what we thought with the potential for spoilers:

Sunshine’s Thoughts:   Source Code is the type of movie that I usually avoid in theaters because they frustrate me, and this was no different.  Too many ideas were thrown out with no answers: why did the main office communicate with Colter via a microphone and web cam when he was (SPOILER) basically dead; once Colter (SPOILER) beats the source code and gets off in the “other world” how the hell does he know how to be Sean when he is still Colter.  I know those are not the point of this movie, but its the little things that make a good story.  Overall, not the best, but Gyllenhaal is fun to watch in anything he does and for the bulk of the movie he rocks a denim button up shirt which is always impressive!  I give it 2 out of 5 exploding trains.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

This is not the usual fare that Sunshine and I see.  The plus to this movie is Jake Gyllenhal rocking a denim button down shirt, seeing the same scene play out differently 500 times and Jake Gyllenhal with his crazy eyes.  Other than that I say you can wait till it comes on tv.  There were a lot things that the technical staff missed like, why we need a camera as Sunshine mentioned.  I also was not prepared for what the real Colter Stevens looked like.  It may or may not shock you.  I was however not prepared for how the real I give the film 2.5 exploding trains.

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  1. […] I have seen in a while and I loved it!  Ryan Gosling playing crazy is officially better than Jake Gyllenhal in Source Code!  I also really liked that the director felt no need to have Gosling speak for a very long period […]

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