So, I watched the majority of this natural disaster television show.  Howie Mandel is crazy if you didn’t know.  In the opening of this series (yes, more episodes to come), a really sweet boyfriend wants to propose to his girlfriend with a little song and dance.  He is known for bein a prankster  so Howie convinces him to have a “fake girlfriend” come up to him and then throw water in his face.  One of the female staff said, “as a woman there is no coming back from that.”  That is a horrible idea.  It almost went horribly wrong!  Once the singing and dancing started it was like watching Enchanted.  It wasn’t like the YouTube videos we have been watching for YEARS!!  Then her boyfriend wanted to get married in front of everyone.  The girl was right to be like WHAT!  That put this tent hideous dress on her and drug her down the aisle.  At least her family was there. Fox, Howie, Mobbed= Epic Fail!  What are your thoughts?


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