The epiosde starts off with the girls in the gym. Wait for it… the boys are after them because they are vampires!  Where the heck is this episode going?  Kaylie is the last one standing when Sasha comes to the rescue.  To bad for him Kaylie is a vampire!

Back to reality:

  • Kaylie is at a rehab center for her eating disorder.  All she can think about is her career and how her home (the Rock) is falling apart without her leadership.
  • Payson is still struggling with the fact tha Sasha is no longer their coach.
  • Lauren is living with Summer due to her father keeping her mother a secret.
  • Emily has a probation officer lurching around and now has an ankle monitor if she planned to participate in the Denver exhibition.

In Denver, the girls get snubbed by Kelly Parker and her crew when signing up.  Austin introduced the girls to his friend Max (love interest for Payson!).  Lauren was up to no good as usual.  Before Kaylie showed up she tried to convince the girls that Kaylie was behind the picture getting to Ellen Beals.  Then she said inappropriate things about food in front of Kaylie.

Lauren was all about some Max but I think he only has eyes for Payson.  Max is also a gymnast and is trying to figure out which gym to join, Denver or Boulder?  Oh, Carter is with Kelly Parker… Thanks Lauren you keep “winning” don’t you!  At the party, there was some kind of creepy stripper dance off between Lauren and Kelly Parker.  Weird.  Emily and Austin bonded over the loves being away (Kaylie and Damon).  Then Emily went on a rant about her problems, like she has the whole season.  She is so mad at her mother for not being better at everything.  Thank you Austin for keeping it real.  He told Emily to stop blaming her mother and to take responsibility for her actions.  Emily could have called an ambulance instead of stealing pills.

Kelly Parker was still doing damage when she told Payson that Sasha was in Denver.  As she ran off her mother tried to stop her as she wanted to find her coach.  Kim refused so Payson gave up on everything in life.  Thankfully, Max ran into Payson and they had a thoughtful moment.  He even showed her video of her doing a floor routine.  I wonder if the kiss that can release Sasha is online as well.  Kim got the goods from Marty and found Sasha in a boxing ring.  “The kind of gym where bruises are allowed.”  I don’t know if Sasha is going to come back.  Poor Summer.  He even said goodbye to Kim.  Is this Sasha’s final farewell?

The Rock plans to wear leg warmmers so that Emily isn’t the freak at the exhibition.  That is so nice!  Unfortunately Emily must have freakishly skinny legs because while doing a head stand her leg warmer fell up or down whatever way you look at it.  To distract everything that was going on Max jumped up on the stage and started doing his thing.  I really like this guy.  I hope Emily can get over her situation soon.  This has been my problem with her the whole season.  Then Emily took an after school special moment to talk about why she had on an ankle bracelet and how she disgraced everyone with her poor decision-making.  At least she got a hug from Austin.  I think she impressed a few people except for maybe Lauren.

The episode ended with Kaylie making a friend with her roommate on faking it until she gets out of rehab.

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