A “Prison Life” tv show was being shot and the convict put on a jacket and walked right out of the prison.  Wow, that seemed easy.  Erica was waiting for a visit from her daughter, which has yet to happen, when the work release van came for her.  Meanwhile, outside Shea and Lloyd played a game of Erica or Julianne.

This weeks escape was a pedophile who looked to be on the run back to the school where his victims where.  He was convicted of molesting five eight year old girls.  Joe was serving 60 years in prison.  Joe went from a private lawyer, to a public defender, to court ordered down to using another convicted pedophile to help with his case.  The team brought him in and talked about how he was ashamed of helping Joe with his appeals and how Joe was obsessed with the first girl who accused him.

Joe was being a creeper at a playground trying to approach little girls while the team tried to figure out their next move.  Luckily Erica spotted Joe as the team was talking to the school principal of the girls who put Joe away.  Joe ran to his ex-wife’s house but was gone by the time Charlie and Ray got there. 

Marisol showed up as Lloyd was giving his ideas for Ray’s case study.  Who is Marisol?  Charlies wife!

Back to Joe, he is on a long road to make everyone pay.  First stop, his lawyer.  The lawyer survived.  Erica’s skills have really come into play because she figured out that Joe ditched the lawyer’s car to catch the green line.

Charlie deputized Julianne so she could watch the injured Lloyd who stayed behind as the rest of the team went on the hunt.  Somehow Lloyd got them to a bar and they looked at Tess’ drawings (the first victim).  With Julianne’s help Lloyd figured out that Tess’ father is the actual pedophile.  The other victims were not victims they just felt pressure from a scared community and parents.  Lloyd again convinced Julianne to go talk to Tess and get proof of his theory.  Joe was going back to everyone who could tell the truth not a revenge route.  Of course, Charlie didn’t belive him.  Joe had his family with him in the car.  Erica said, “his wife wouldn’t be with him with their kids if she thought he was guilty.”  Tess and her mom showed up to the headquarters because Tess finally told the truth.  She apologized to Joe and he began to cry because the truth was finally out.  Ray went to go pick up Tess’ father at his job.

Charlie did a solid and took the team to Erica’s ex to see her daughter.  Wow, Charlie has a heart.


About Elizabeth

I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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