Two boys were launching a rocket in the park.  When they went to go see where it landed they found that the flame had set some leaves on fire.  The fire lead the boys to a homeless man who the assumed was dead until he started screaming.  The homeless man (Marquette) said it smells like licorice and then passed out.

House announced to the team that he was marrying Dominica on Friday and then rode off with her on a Segway.  Foreman and Masters went to the patient to get his real name and he refused.  He said that he has always been healthy.  When Foreman asked where his scars and burn marks came from he told them the story of his father’s abuse.

House rode around handing out invitations to his wedding.  Even Cuddy.

It turned out that our patient, Danny, has been off of heroin for three months.  What got him off drugs?  He was dead for several minutes.  He is convinced that he was in the hospital for a reason.  He always wanted to be a doctor and told Masters and Chase he was accepted to pre-med school right out of high school.  As they were doing a scan they found masses up his spine going to his colon.  As they reported back to House, he took a few vicodin and Masters asked that he not do that in front of her.  Of course he said no.

Taub and Foreman did a colon scan and found bone fragments in the Danny’s digestive track.  Foreman and Masters told him that they think he had  pica, a craving for non-food items.  He informed them that he volunteered to eat them.  He used a dumpster from a Thai restaurant and a worker there would challenge him and give him real food.  While talking something happened to his eyes.  It was like he was looking at Foreman and Masters through the bottom of a well.

Wilson went to House to get him to work with Cuddy even though they are not together. “You are pummeling an opponent who isn’t fighting back.”

While Taub and Masters where talking with Danny about the possibility of him having schizophrenia his arm (the one that was not burned) now felt like it was on fire.  House then picked up the team in this ridiculous monster truck.  It was pretty amazing!  House went to talk to Danny because the team found out that he wasn’t Danny.  The real Danny was dead.  The patient refused to give his name or who his father was, because the team wanted to get a family medical history.  The reason why is because he would kill his father if he ever saw him again.

In the end House married Dominica in a ceremony performed by Chase.  Cuddy ran out of the chapel with Wilson after her.  As for the patient, the FBI confirmed his DNA.  He was a serial killer who eats his victims.  That is gross and what a random way to end the episode.

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