Here is what you got to hear last night on Glee:

  • Misery performed by the Warblers (or Blaine and the Pips)
  • Only Child performed by Rachel
  • Black Bird performed by Kurt
  • Trouty Mouth performed by Santana
  • Big Ass…Heart performed by Puck
  • Hell to the No performed by Mercedes
  • Jesus Is My Friend performed by Oral Intensity
  • Candles performed by the Warblers
  • Raise Your Glass performed by the Warblers
  • Get It Right performed by New Directions
  • Loser Like Me performed by New Directions

So, I really liked the songs… that enough justification to say this was a “good” episode of Glee?  Probably not, but it goes a long way in my book to making the show enjoyable.  I’m still struggling (and so is the show) to justify Kurt and the Warblers existing.  I love Kurt, don’t get me wrong, but since he moved to Dalton he has become very disconnected from the cast and the story.  But, big props for his singing of Black Bird, beautiful.  The regionals story line at least semi-justified having the Warblers perform.  It did deliver some of the best lines of the night when Kurt called Blaine out and said the Warblers might as well be “Blaine and the Pips” and when he said he knew they were all just there to back up Blaine while he performed songs from “the Pink catalouge”. Oh and Kurt and Blaine kissed.  Apparently all it took was for Kurt to call Blaine out and perform a moving song like Blackbird to make Blaine see the light.  It was cute, but a little bit expected.  I’m just worried that by the time the show returns in April it will have been forgotten about.

Meanwhile, over in New Directions land, Rachel has another original song called Only Child.  Written of course about herself, it is not as funny as My Headband, but still just as self centered.  For some reason Quinn has decided to become Prom Queen, and feels that dating Finn is the only way to do that.  And the only way to keep Finn is to help Rachel write an original song—that makes perfect sense to everyone right???  It may not make sense but its happening.  Since Quinn and Rachel are writing, so must everyone.  Santana and Puck deliver the nights most hilarious songs, Troutymouth by Santana is written about Sam and his lips; while Puck wrote Big Ass…Heart about Lauren and her—well you know.  I don’t know if anything Puck sings can be bad, he just always looks like he is fully enjoying what he is singing.  Merecedes appears out of no where (I don’t think she has had a story in a long time) and sings her classic sassy, bad ass song Hell to the No.  Cute, classic Mercedes, but not earth shattering.  And after she sings Mercedes goes back to the background.  Sad, considering she was one of my favorite characters when the show started.

Of course none of those songs are enough for Regionals.  Luckily, Quinn and Rachel write the bestest songs and everyone learns them really quick.  Or that is what I guess since we never see anything about them until Regionals.  Both songs are okay, nothing truly amazing, but apparently enough to win Regionals.  Kathy Griffin as a Palin-type judge, a former stripper turned Nun (a la Sister Act), and Rod the news guy apparently all loved New Directions.  So yay they win!  Rachel is happy, Finn is happy Rachel is happy, and Quinn can see Prom Queen slipping away.  I don’t really know why we need to care that Quinn may not be Prom Queen but that hurt look on her face as the show ended seemed to be begging us to care.  Oh and Sue punched some lady in the face cause she lost–so apparently Sue is still alive and still evil.

Overall not a great episode of Glee, but the songs were fun and well performed.  What did you all think, was Original Songs everything it could have been?


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