After last week I wasn’t sure about how they could top it.  The opening sequence was shot in a real unique way showing a bull riding competition.  The contestant, Lane(Faust), survived the ride and then seemed out of it and was stomped on by the bull.

House has checked into a hotel and living a great life.  Wilson went to check on him and thought that the relaxation was a good idea but maybe he should talk to someone.  In typical House style, he plans to talk to a hooker.

The team is trying to figure out were to start with the bull rider.  With house on booze, hookers and vicodin he is not coming in.  Masters asked about the vicodin.  Wow, she really is out of the loop.  Wilson payed a visit to Cuddy and asked her to give him a second chance.  She seemed to have breakup regret but was not giving in so Wilson informed her that House was back on vicodin and she should look after his patient.

Taub gave Masters a hard time about liking the patient.  Masters of course denies this and downs his profession.  She is also having a hard time taking orders from House because he is on vicodin.  The team went to House’s hotel, where he was in bed with yet another hooker.  He gave the team some guidance and high-fived Anka.  Then asked the team to leave because something was going on under the sheets.

Back at the hospital Masters tries to see if Lane has anyone to contact.  All of his family is back in Oklahoma.  As they stick a needle into Lane’s head he started to crash.  They then started to smell something coming from his feet, ulceration of his toes!  I have to say this episode has been the most traumatizing for pain and gross factor this year.

House came back to the hospital to do a test.  Lane had to sing a song to prove that he was having mini blackouts and the team then needed to remove the metal plate from hsi skull to run a CT to find the infection in his brain.  Foreman called House later to inform him that there was no infection in his brain.  House came back to the hospital because now he wants to rip open Lane’s heart.  When House went to ask Lane to rupture his aorta, Cuddy came  to stop his plan.  House is back to his uber trash talking ways and the team was set to do the procedure.  It was pretty gross and intense to watch them do the heart procedure but it was successful.  House was not thrilled he looked disconnected.  After the procedure Masters asked Lance out on a date and then took it back before he could answer.  awkward!

Theme this week.  House is looking to fill a void and find excitement.  At the bar House watched some carefree college kids, finished his drink and then went up to his room.  Wilson went ot the bar looking for House, but he was too late, House was standing on the balcony of his room.  Wilson went outside and looked up to see his friend standing there and then watched him jump.  House jumped right into the pool.  He has totally lost it.

“What do you do when you win? Party! What do you do when you lose? Party even harder!”


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