So the second episode definitely gave me more of a Criminal Minds feel with convicts on the team with similar traits and capabilities.  Philly is out do to trying to access her money in frozen accounts.  This almost caused Shea and Lloyd’s deal to be revoked.  The new female team member is Erica Reed, played by Serinda Swan.  Her back story is that she was the daughter of a bounty hunter and is better at tracking down bad guys then fully trained U.S. Marshalls.  Her father was killed by a gang of 6 men so she was able to track and kill five of them.  This explains the five hash marks on her wrist.  She also has a daughter who was taken from her once she was arrested.  She only has weapon charges because the murders could not be traced back to Erica.

We also got conclusive information that Charlie has some sort of heart defect that his father died of when he was Charlie’s age.  Ray and Charlie finally come to an understanding.  The two leads are not partners but they will hopefully respect each others opinions.

A lame side story was how Charlie treats Julianne.  I am still not sure why he is so hard on the tech person.  He should try the job out for once.

The criminal was a sick man who collected female prostitutes and tortured them until he was ready to kill them.  He made underground rooms to keep these women in.  As Lloyd said it, he had serious mommy issues.  This time the talents of Erica and Llyod saved the day.  Way to go team.  I am not a fan of Lloyd because his character comes off more racist than an unfiltered man of facts.  What are your thoughts?

Robert Knepper will be making an appearance on next weeks episode.  You know, the guy who played teabag on Prison Break.


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