If you have had doubts about my Nic Cage theory, you are wrong. Dead Wrong!  The previews for this film have not done it justice.  Yes it is about a vengeful father chasing the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter, but its also so much  more.

What you don’t know is that Milton (Cage) escaped from hell and is now going down a road to find and save his “baby girl.”  The big bad, Jonah (Burke) is one evil dude.  He thinks he is the second coming and has a large number of followers who do anything he says.  He even has devotees among the state troopers.  This film will blow your mind within the first five minutes.  It is not for the young. 

While Milton is chasing Jonah he is being chased by The Accountant (Fichtner).  The Accountant seems to account for all the souls that the devil must keep.  Along the way Milton gains an ally named Piper (Heard).  Piper joins up with Milton in the search for his granddaughter.  Piper ends up being very good, and beneficial for Milton and plays an important role in the care of his granddaughter.

Elizabeth’s Thoughts:

Patrick Lussier did a great job of directing a film that could have been way too campy.  It was as if I was watching a Tarantino/ Rodriguez collaboration.  Thank you, thank you for using a 3-D camera for a 3-D movie.  Nic Cage was amazing as usual when he has good long hair!  The action was on-point, the cars were amazing and the cast was perfect for each role.  William Fichtner made me smile the way he portrayed the character of The Accountant.  Amber Heard was definitely bad ass.  I wish there was more to the character Webster (Morse) but there must not have been enough time for that story.  I give this film 4/5 god killers.

Sunshine’s Thoughts: AMAZING!  As Liz stated at the top the previews for this movie did not do it justice!  I actually thought we had walked into the wrong movie when it opened, but once I saw Nic Cage blow off a guys hand I knew I was in the right place.  Cage gives one of his classic (long hair) performances and steals the show as monotone Milton.  But, the highlight of the movie had to be   William Fichtner, whom I have loved since Invasion.  Fichtner playing the irony loving, straight shooting accountant was pure entertainment.  A definate must see, even in 3-D.  4/5 god killers.


About Elizabeth

I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog sepopculture.wordpress.com and let me know what you think.

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