Cuddy got hit by a bombshell.  She had an ultrasound that showed a mass on her liver.  This caused her to evaluate her priorities including her relationship with House.

The patient is a teenager named Ryan.  He has symptoms that seem to get worse and scars on his body that show something more than just illness.  House is no help to the team because he is preoccupied with Cuddy’s situation.

House sought guidance from Wilson or rather was wondering why Wilson was not keeping Cuddy company before her biopsy.  Wilson told him to practice by trying just once to be supportive and understanding.  Best quote:” There is no proof that she is being stalked by ninja squirlle either. It doesn’t matter just be a good boyfriend and support her.” Wilson to House.

Taub and Foreman went to Ryan’s house because Taub has major issues with the patient.  He then found that Ryan’s yearbook was very disturbing with drawings on his classmates pictures.

Throughout the episode Cuddy and House have dream sequences:

  • House taking on a Zombie Chase, Masters, Foreman and Taub, using his cane as a sword and a shotgun.
  • A Joan Cleaver moment with House as the “wife” and Cuddy as the breadwinner.  Wilson is the milkman and they have their daughter is a genius.  House no longer limps and Cuddy wakes up realizing it was all a dream.

As Cuddy woke up, Wilson knocked on her door with her scan results back.  We then cut to House with his team answering the phone.  Cuddy had multiple lumps across her lungs.  House is convinced of her Kidney cancer and the fact that she soon will be dead.

Taub copied Ryan’s flashdrive and found that he was planning to bomb his school.  Tough dilema Taub considering he broke into Ryan’s house and stole his flashdrive.  Taub went to Ryan’s parents but that did not go anywhere.

House has been missing since he recived the bad news.  Foreman went to Wilson and he is upset that House is making about him when it is about Cuddy, who could be dying.  Cuddy still has hope that House will come to her and be the man he should be.

Taub went to Masters for help on what to do with the information he has on Ryan.  She overanlayzed and gave a lot of statistics.  “You suck at this”- Taub to Masters

Dream sequence:  House and Cuddy are held up by an army with guns pointing at them in the theme of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Cuddy woke up to see House standing there.  He apologized for not being there and she told him she knew he would come.  This was a quick scene but heartwarming.  As Cuddy was rolled away House said, “If you don’t make it I wont sleep with anyone for a month.” Cuddy- “Make it two.”  They still kept their humor although she was in a bad place.

Dream sequence:  House seeing Get Happy.  Great dance sequence with GaGa-like costuming for doctors, nurses and patients.  Who did this sequence, Mia Michaels from So You Think You Can Dance.

Cuddy woke up from her procedure with House sitting next to her.  Guess who doesn’t have cancer.  Cuddy’s tumor was benign.  The lung masses were an allergic reaction so it will clear up. 

House then realized what was wrong with Ryan.  He had abscesses that were causing a staff infection.  Taub then figured out that Ryan’s scares were shrapnel from his pipe bombs hat caused everything.  Taub then secretly sent the tape of Ryan to the police.

Cuddy got out of her sick-bed to confront House about taking Vicodin when he came to see her.  I think that they broke up because House will always chose himself over everyone else.  OMG!! Tell me your thoughts.  The episode ended with house taking his pills on the floor of his bathroom.


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