Last night the series finale of Greek aired.  Despite losing interest last year, I was sad to see the show go, especially because these final ten episodes have been amazing.  A little rushed, but 10 of the best episodes of Greek (not counting the truly impressive first season).  The finale (which you can watch here) tried to wrap up all storylines, give some nods to series long fans, and threw out some of the best pop culture references.

The show made a point to have every end up happy:
Rusty and Ashleigh: These two have finally ended up together!  This is one of those relationships that people are either going to love or hate.  Personally, I have always thought they were made for each other from season one.  So, it was nice for me to see them end up together.  Ashleigh seems to have found her path and is working a job she likes, has her own apartment, and has a new relationship with Rusty.  Rusty meanwhile, took the loss of the KT house as an opportunity to step up and lead.  Cappie let him know that he was the legacy Cappie wanted to leave behind.  It was a sweet moment and a nice way to wrap up the Cappie/Rusty relationship.
Cappie and Casey:  Cappie or Captain John Paul Jones (as we learned is his real name) has finally graduated and feels safe in handing off KT to Rusty.  It was moving to see Cappie finally lose when he couldn’t stop the destruction of the KT house.  It was the first time we have seen Cappie have to let down his boys, but it was the chance that Rusty needed to be a leader.  Casey decides to leave law school after her professor tried to make her help in the tearing down of the KT house.  It felt a little forced to have Casey just quit school and ride off into the sunset with Cappie, but sweet none the less.  It was also the ending I think everyone has hoped for from the beginning.
Evan and Rebecca:  While these two didn’t necessarily end up together, it was clearly implied that the old, nice Evan was back and that had caught Rebecca’s attention.  Rebecca won her sorority the “Golden Lily” award so sealed her legacy as president.  Plus she bonded with Dale which is always nice.  Evan seemed to have realized what an ass he has been and was making amends with everyone, even Cappie.
Dale and Laura: This was probably one of the biggest stretches of the night (besides Calvin and Heath).  This last season, and some of the season before, seemed to imply that D  ale didn’t really have a lot of interest in Laura.  However, this episode had Dale asking why the relationship didn’t work and Laura asking what relationship (exactly Laura).  But that was really a dumb question as Laura followed that up with “because I would like there to be one”.  Dale even lavaliered her, so that seemed rushed but it was nice to see Dale end up with someone.  Plus, Dale got the win of the night when he kissed Casey before she left with Cappie.  It was funny and he finally got to wrap up his crush on her.
Calvin and Heath: Calvin was worried about a major, picked accounting, then decided that was too safe and ended the night by announcing he was going to travel abroad with Heath and save the world.  It was weird, mainly because we have not spent a lot of time on Calvin or his relationships since that first season.  The confusion over Calvin’s decisions definitely has more to do with the show ignoring his story overall than this seeming out of character. 
Katherine and Beaver:  While the whole of Greek has really been about Casey and Rusty, my favorite character was always Beaver.  He was funny, cute, and adorably stupid for the whole run of this show, so to see him end up with Katherine in the end was a nice send off for him.  Katherine, being the super genius she is, needed a little dumb in her life and Beaver was the man to give it to her.
Pop Culture: A great night for references ranging from Matthew McConaughey, to Star Wars, to 90210.  When the KT house was about to be destroyed one of the KT’s wondered how the old 90210 gang saved the Peach Pit.  Rusty related Spidey and his dad to Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader (in that you can’t blame Luke/Spidey for who his father is).   But the win of the night comes as Rebecca and Dale wax nostalgic about Matthew McCounaugheys career, in which Rebecca says “Remember that really bad Matthewy McConaughey movie?”  and Dale lists almost every movie has made in the last 10 years.
Old Friends: A few familiar faces showed up for the end of Greek.  Frannie came last week, then last night we got to see Wade, Officer Huck, Lisa Lawson (super slut from season one), Jen K, and randomly Tom Lenk from Buffy showed up as a tour guide.
A nice end to a nice show, while I have enjoyed the last season it was time for Greek to go.  Here is hoping that ABC Family can find something just as fun to fill this time slot (or bring back 10 Things I Hate About You!).

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Wow, I didn’t know last night was the end. I have been on this epic journey to watch My So Called Life. More to come.

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