The pilot introduces viewers s to a squad of U.S. marshals who team up with three ex-cons to track down prison escapees.  For each criminal they catch they receive a month off of their sentence and nicer accommodations.  The drawback… they only get cellphones on the outside.  Ray knows the cons so it is Charlie who has an issue with dealing with his new team.

The cast includes:

  • Malcolm Goodwin as Sean ‘Shea” Daniels- The Entrepreneur
  • Jimmi Simpson as Lloyd- Problem Gambler, also a PhD/ Genius
  • Brooke Nevin as Julianne- The Civilian
  • Laz Alonso as Charlie Duchamp- Virgin- Because he don’t f**K around
  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Ray Zancanelli- Zanc the Tank
  • Nicole Steinwedell “Philly”- Con Artist

The first case, the newly formed team goes after a man who broke out using prison pressed plates named Tillman.  One of the con/ team members didn’t make it past lunch because he tried to lift a knife for “protection.”  Tillman is killing everyone he worked with during a bank heist because they took his cut of the money.  He is a very slick man and the team is after his inside man from the bank job.  Since the fourth member was sent back the cons stick together so that no one tries to run.  They are trying to figure each other out and what everyone did for their time so hopefully in future episodes there will be more to this.  Between the two marshalls there is some definite tension.  I think Charlie has some health problems that kept him at a desk job for 6 years.

Tillman got to his helper from the bank and kidnapped the banker’s daughter as well.  With further investigation the team found out that Tillman had help from his girlfriend getting a ride out of prison.  Shea helps by figuring out that Tillman was heading to Canada.  Once the team got in front of them they realize that Tillman has attached a bomb to the banker’s daughter.  As a eam they were able to save the girl and get the bad guy.  It also turns out that Ray is a con.  He stole money to get his daughter a car from evidence.  So when Charlie dropped him off at his half-way house he takes his gun because no cons get guns.

This show has some potential.  It is like a mash-up of Leverage and Criminal Minds.


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