The girls were uninspiring but thankfully there was a handful to save the day.  Here is my list order:

12:  Ta-Tynisa Wilson- Only Girl– Again someone made the mistake of a song that does not showcase your voice, is a new song and it was horrible!  Goodbye.

11:  Thia Megia-  Out Here On My Own– No thanks you are in the bottom.

10:  Rachel Zevita- Criminal-  I didn’t know what she was singing until she got to the hook.  I love Fiona Apple so thumbs down!

9:  Kendra Chantelle- Impossible-  It was good.

8:  Naima Adedapo- Summertime- She wasn’t bad but she wasn’t great.

7:  Karen Rodriguez- Hero- She was good.  I think she would have blown a Selena song out of the wather though.

6:  Julie Zorrilla- Breakaway– Love the song.  Hated the performance.

5:  Haley Reinhart- Falling- It wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t good.

4:    Lauren Turner- Seven Day Fool- This was really good.

3: Pia Toscano-  I’ll Stand By You– I love this song.  She can sing but she didn’t put enough umph into the song.

2:  Lauren Alaina- Turn on the Radio– One of the top performances and it had energy.  She could have used more but she still rocked it.

1:  Ashthon Jones- Love All Over Me– Is it fair to have someone who sounds like they arleady have an albulm out tha tplays on thre radio.  Thank you for saving the night!

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