The episode started off with a man, Bert(LaTourelle), living a double life.  A former realtor is now cleaning up after bloody crime scenes.  He went to meet his unknowing wife, Diane (Jones), for dinner and begins to have some sort of attack.  Something from a chemical he has been using to clean up blood.

House surprised Cuddy by already sent his RSVP to a charity event where she will be getting an award.  Bert and Ernie, I mean Taub and Foreman are having growing pains as roommates.  It is quite funny.  House even throws out an odd couple joke.

Masters figured out that the patient was lying about being an executive due to how his hands look.  House congratulates her and send her with Chase to follow  up.  They gross the wife out to get the patient alone for the truth.  Turns out Bert was taking vicodin to keep from showing the pain he was in from doing manual labor.  Bert has not only been lying to his wife about his job but he lost everything they had in assets due to poor decisions and “the recession.” 

“So, it’s Obama’s fault  you are lying to your wife.” – Masters

House was looking for some excitement due to his commitment to the charity event to support Cuddy.  “Show up and behave.”- Wilson

Once Bert tells his wife the truth she gets so upset she leaves him.  I mean she is done with their relationship.  See folks that is where lying will get you.  Chase helped Masters connect with Diane to get permission to perform surgery on Bert.  She gave permission and talked to Bert, while he was in a coma, and told him she was in love with him.  She then confessed that when they were at the restaurant she was going to tell him that she was pregnant.

House figured it out that Bert had a rare disorder that is activated when he gets cold.  “He will have a long happy life lying to his wife.”  Before they can treat him, Bert was crashing and Masters and Chase run to save him.  This time the team took to long to figure it out.

This was a sad episode when it comes to the patient.  Does Masters have a crush on Chase?  House unfortunately let down Cuddy by not showing up at the charity event.  I give him an out because he was down about losing the patient.  Wilson was there to console him.  What a good friend.  House ended the episode by drunkenly telling Cuddy that he will always chose her.

Next week looks intense!  Check out the promo for the next episode.


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