Here is what you got to hear last night on a subpar Glee:

Last night was one off those episodes of Glee where I loved the songs but just felt uninterested in the story lines, and there were a lot of story lines.  The theme tonight was alcohol awareness, meaning that suddenly everyone in the school was aware of alcohol so we got to see how it affected everyone.  Rachel threw a booze party at her home, got drunk, made out with Blaine then decided he would be her new boyfriend!  Of course she seems to have forgotten he was gay, Kurt didn’t forget though and that led to some forced tension between he and Blaine.  Rachel has a date with Blaine then kisses him and he remembers he is gay, and Rachel has inspiration for a song…..okay.

Kurt also has a sleepover with Blaine cause Blaine got trashed at the party.  Kurts dad walks in and finds Blaine in Kurts bed.  When he confronts Kurt about it, Kurt addresses the real issue here–his dads clear homophobia….oh wait, that can’t be true.  But for some reason Glee went there, apparently it is a double standard to let Puck sleep over but not Blaine, except that its really not.  That scene was really preachy and completely wrong for both characters.  Oh well, i’m sure we will forget it even happened next week.

Will decides to address his loneliness through drinking, i’m thinking Sue is not too far off with that alcoholic thing.  And Beiste played our role of peer pressure by encouraging Will to not take underage drinking so seriously and just get to drinking.  They go to a country bar perform a sweet song and then cab it home.  Will thinks he drunk dials Emma, and we learn he has the oldest phone on earth, because he cannot apparently look back at his phone and see that he actually called Sue.  Sue of course uses this against him and plays his message over the intercom.  So yeah, that happened.

But the prize of the night goes to the whole Glee club.  They drank so much at the pary that they have hangovers still when the weekend ends.  Artie busts out some bloody marys (“hair of the dog that bit yo ass”) and the Glee club officially crosses over from partiers to drunks.  They drink all day at school and apparently no one seems to notice.  They even drink before performing Tik Tok, then vomit during Tik Tok!  Now everyone realizes they are drinking, but not really cause the principal thinks it was part of the show.  But never fear,  Will is not letting this slide!  He makes them sign contracts and gives them his cell phone number so they can call if they slip up and drink.  AA Glee style! 

Crappy episode, but good songs.  It just felt to lesson of the week to me and I know that this stuff will never get mentioned again so it was clearly a pointless episode.  What did you all think, did Glee drive you to drink last night?


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