Okay Glee, you have convinced me (as Artie explained to us in this episode) “Everything Bieber does is epic.”  I have been fighting it ever since Bieber took over Jon Stewart, but now I know that is futile.  I just have to sit back and except Justin Bieber now controls the world, and I have the boys of Glee to thank for this new found acceptance as their performances filled my heart with just a little Bieber love.

Here is what you got to hear last night on Glee:

We open tonight with Will internally thinking how he has overcome Terry, Emma, and Sue this year and is in a good place.  Oh, but then who should arrive buy dear little Emma and she needs Will’s help cause Sue has left a “sue-icide” note.  Despite taking all the gummi vitamins she could chew Sue is still alive.  Emma feels that music will sooth her so we have our forced plot point of the week when Sue joins Glee Club.  Now Sue’s sinister plan is to drive a wedge between the Glee kids.  I feel like we have been here before, didn’t she have the Cheerio’s do this last season, or even at the beginning of this season?  Anyway, she does this by setting up a Diva off between Mercedes and Rachel.  I’m not going to lie, I love the Diva-offs and this was no exception.  Take Me or Leave Me was great and in the end did nothing to harm the Glee Club.  Sue seems to accept this and joins the kids for the final performance of the night when they do Sing by My Chemical Romance.  It was a decent performance, but I was so distracted by Finn looking like a lumberjack and everyone wearing flannel that I could not concentrate.  This may be a nod to My Chemical Romance, i don’t know as I’m not a fan, so if someone can explain that wardrobe choice I would appreciate it.  Then of course, Sue turns on Glee Club and goes off to coach their rivals Oral Intensity.  I think this was supposed to be suprising, especially after she went with Will to the children’s ward of the hospital with Will and sang with some kids, but really it was just what I expected would happen.

Meanwhile,  Sam is determined he will not lose Quinn.  Of course the best way to keep her is to immulate Justin Bieber.  Now, my initial thought was if I was approached by a dude pretending to be Justin Bieber I would probably laugh in his face, however when Sam performed Baby I may have swooned just a little.  Then when it became the new and improved Justin Bieber Experience by adding Artie, Mike Chang, and Puck I was hooked.  Now this had less to do with the song performance (however the dancing with the white powder was pretty amazing) and more to do with Puck and his Bieber haired hoodie, weird and oddly charming at the same time.  Sam wins Quinn’s heart, but in the end Santana does what Santana does and lays some truth on him.  Sam realizes that Quinn probably did kiss Finn (as opposed to sucking a gumball out of his throat while he choked) and decides to dump her and go with Santana.  I see some potential here as Santana needs a goofy looking good boy in her life and Sam needs to be corrupted just a little.  Puck used his Bieber performance to try and win over Lauren, she admits its hot but on the same note is also a song performed by a kid who looks like a 12 year old boy so that makes it weird (amen Lauren).  Lauren does need Puck’s help though as she is nervous about performing solo for the Glee Club and needs a guitar player.  Puck has Lauren’s back and supports her through a pretty kick ass perfomance of I Know What Boys Like.  Still no full on relationship, but I think Puck is wearing her down.

A good episode of Glee, I laughed out loud quite a few times and the songs were good.  What did you all think, do you now have Bieber fever?


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Never Say Never! I have Bieber Fever!

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