Last nights Bone’s was a first step in returning to some normalcy.  Booth has a heart to heart with Sweets and decides he is going to propose to Hannah.  Booth buys the nice ring,  plans the perfect night, and when he proposes Hannah says no.  That’s right kids, she ain’t the marrying kind.  Now it probably hurts you Booth fans to see his little heart broke again, but it has to please all you Bone’s fans to know that this opens the window to her second chance.  Hannah agrees to move out of Booth’s home, but tells him that she knows they are not done yet, so we will see.  Booth meanwhile is done, he confides in Bone’s that he can’t take much more after his baby mama rejected him, the Bones and now Hannah.  He tells her that she has two options 1) grab a drink and be his friend 2) walk away and get a new FBI partner.  Bone’s is clearly looking for a third option, but decides to play it safe and go to option 1.  So this may be the beginning of us getting back to our favorite core group, and here’s hoping it will be last time we ever see Hannah. 

The case this week was decent as well.  Angela finally got some more screen time and got to go out in the field which is always a nice use of her.  The Angela character really thrives when she gets to interact with “normal” people.  Even the squintern this week, Fisher, was not that bad.  By far not by favorite squintern, but better than most.  So what did you all think?

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