This episode of Glee was ten times better than the post Super Bowl episode simply because it picked a plot point and ran with it and kept everyone involved in it.  The recap/review in a second, but first here is what you got to hear on Glee last night:

Who knew Lauren was funny?  Tonight was definately her night, and our chance to find out a lot more about her.  Puck has a Valentine’s crush on Lauren and I’ll admit at first I thought, “anyone remember when he was crushing on Mercedes?”.  But, this was clearly different.  Lauren is no fan of Puck and can’t be bought off with some flirty looks and candy.  Not saying Mercedes is a push over but she was crushing on Puck while he was using her, Lauren don’t play those games.   So, Puck wants Lauren, Lauren is not that impressed and advises him to step correct or not even bother.  Puck does what Puck does and decides to serenade Lauren with a  little Fat Bottomed Girls.  Now I get how Lauren could be offended, but damn that was an impressive performance of Fat Bottomed Girls.  Santana isn’t having Lauren stepping in on her man, so she and Lauren fight Lauren throws her around and Puck just loves her more.  Puck finally convinces Lauren to go to Breadsticks with him, but she stands him up.  Later on she finally agrees to go out with Puck on Valentines day as friends.  Its cute to see them together, but knowing how fast the Mercedes relationship ended, I don’t see this lasting more than one more episode.

Meanwhile, Finn is studding it up around the school riding high on the football teams big win.  He can’t get Quinn off his mind after she kissed him after the football game.  His great plan to get her to kiss him again is to open a kissing booth to raise money for the Glee Club.  Quinn refuses to kiss him until Sam confronts her and tells her to get it over with.  Quinn does, she and Finn both see fireworks (lame) and Quinn decides she is going to stay with Sam but cheat with Finn.  Santana catches on to what is going on and decides to out them by giving them mono.  She goes to the nurses office and kisses a boy there with mono.  Then passes that on to Finn who passes it on to Quinn. (BTW Santana’s line of the night “I’ve had mono so many times it turned to stereo”).  When both and Finn and Quinn are sick Santana announces that it could be mono-the kissing disease-and is only increased when tounges are involved.  Rachel goes to Finn who admits he isn’t over Quinn and that he saw fireworks.   She lets him know thats fine and she’s just glad to know where she stands, but Finn seems to still have feelings for her.

At the end, when everyone is at Breadsticks watching the Warblers, we saw Puck with Lauren, and Santana alone.  But don’t worry cause Santana and Sam are making eyes at each other.  I have a feeling this is all going to blow up soon.  Good episode toinght, even Kurt and the Warblers were included smoothly.  Here’s hoping that Glee keeps up this level of episode all season, what did you all think?


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