While out on a shopping spree with her sister and mother. Arlene (Bergen) starts feeling something weird with her heart. Cuddy suggests going to the hospital and then goes to House and his team for advice.  House suggest that she nor he get involved due to ethics.  Cuddy played the,”she’s my mother” card.

After Taub and Masters searched Arlene’s home and found some disturbing pictures, Cuddy found out that Lucinda(Marshall) and her mom have been keeping a secret.  Arlene was in a five-year affair with a married man.

Rachel got Taub a job with her brother, who is a lawyer, as a medical consultant.  He was not thrilled.

House is still convinced that Masters is a narc because she was offended by House bugging Arlene’s room.  He then tells the rest of the team that he thinks she is an alcoholic.  Cuddy is informed of House’s theory she doesn’t believe that her mother would lie to her.  It turned out that House was wrong.

As House was grasping at straws trying to diagnose Arlene, Foreman had to check him because he was crossing a line.  House told the guys (because he got rid of Masters again) to do what they need to do or else they were fired.

Taub looked to Foreman for guidance on his consulting job.  He then ditched the team to work on another case.  At least he did a good thing and didn’t turn his eyes when he saw a small spot on a brain scan of  a 12-year-old boys.  He went to the house and told the mom who thankfully took him seriously and decided to take her son to the hospital.  This of course backfired in his face and Rachel’s brother punches him and plans to sue.

Masters finds out what is happening with Arlene, she understands but lying makes her physically sick so she spills the beans.  House finally figured it out and saved Arlene.  Her muscles were black from her hip replacement!

Rachel went to check out the damage her brother did to Taub’s face.  She found out about the bleed in the little boys head and said she would kill her brother.  She told him he was a bad husband but a good person and hugged him.

House unfired Masters for selling him out.


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