Two quick thoughts before getting into this review: Sue Sylvester appears to be coaching a dance squad and not a cheerleading squad (i mean seriously don’t you have to cheer at some point) and apparently only Katy Perry can pull off a blue wig–who knew?!

Here is what you heard last night on Glee:

Now to the review.  Glee’s post Super Bowl episode was overall weak.  I thought it may have been because I was tired, but when I rewatched this morning I felt the same—forced contrived and weak.  The songs were okay, the story was aimless, and the dancing was fun.  That was last nights Glee in a nutshell. 

Expanding on that a bit heres what happened:  Sue sets out to best herself by creating the greatest Cheerio’s performance ever.  Quinn, Brittany and Santana aren’t feeling it but play along for popularity sake.  The big plan is to shoot Brittany out of a cannon–but Brittany isn’t ready to die, at least not before One Tree Hill is cancelled.  Meanwhile the football team and Glee Club rivalry has finally gone to far.  Mr. Schue and Coach Beaste decide to join them together to create harmony.  Things only go from bad to worse when Sue makes her cheerleaders choose between Glee and Cheerios.  That means there is not going to be a halftime show until Beaste and Schue decide to have the football team help out.  Everyone is enjoying it until the hockey team slushies the football team.  The football team pulls out of performing, meaning they also quit the football team.  The Glee girls step up to fill out the football team roster.  Suprisingly (but not really) the football team and Cheerios have a change of heart and decide to throw caution the wind and perform at half time.  Its decent, not amazing, but the mash-up was good.  That pretty much sums it up.  The only thing left to mention is that Kurt made is mandatory random appearance during the perfomance of Bills, Bills, Bills.

Overall I wasn’t impressed thought I did enjoy the perfomance of She’s Not There.  What did you all think?

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