Not a whole lot to say about last nights Bones.  Wendall was back and that is always a good thing.  The mystery tonight was a body found in a cornfield.  Turns out he is a polygamist who happened to marry 3 sisters.  His father-in-law was none to pleased when he found out his daughters’ husband was cheating on all of them and killed him.  It was pretty obvious who did it, so not a great mystery this week.  Cam got a little story time when the show focused on her relationship with the OBGYN from last season/beginning of this season.  They hardly get to spend time together but are perfect for one another, blah blah blah.  The only true highlight was at the end when Booth and Bones have a heart to heart about how the person you truly love is always there, even if you think you might have blown it with them.  Cute stuff, but this could have been a better episode.  What did you all think?

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