Tonight’s episode definately felt like a series finale, which is not suprising  given that the creators thought this was the final 13 episode season.  Of course, now we know that Chuck has been extended but this episode was already done so it made an odd spot in the show, but it was good.  A lot happened tonight and a lot of plots got wrapped up with a neat bow.

First of all the main plot Chuck-Sarah-Chucks Mom-and Volkof finally wrapped up their little dance.  Chuck plots an elaborate plan to both stop Volkof, save his mom and save his family all at the same time.   Orion planted a virus in Volkofs computer many years ago so that once it took effect all Volkofs content would leak.  All that was needed were four little words from Volkof which Chuck tricked out of him during his elaborate plot where Volkof thought he had the upper hand and all of Chuck’s friends and families in his cross hairs.  Chuck managed to stop Volkof, save his family, and propose to Sarah in classic geeky Chuck way.  It was like first season Chuck in all his nerdy, planning glory.

In the side plots Casey bounces back and while still not out of the hospital is alive and gets to kick some ass when a Volkof operative tried to kill him.  He also seems to come to a point where he cares both for his daughter Alex and Morgan and accepts that they are in his life for good.  Ellie and Awesome had baby Clara and Jeffster! serenaded them with a rendetion of Push It.  (Check the video below). 

A good episode of Chuck which would have made an excellent series finale had it been needed, but it still sets up for a fun rest of the season.  I am anxious to see where Chuck goes from here. 


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