This episodes of Bones is the first in the “sniper” arc which, if reports are true, is going to lead to a spin off of Bones.  Apparently at the end of the arc we will meet a new character who will be the focus of the new series.  But enough about that, lets get to this episode.

The Grave Digger is on her way to court and requests Sweets ride with her and provide psychological consultation.  Of course the Grave Digger only wanted Sweets with her so she could break him down mentally.  She tells him he is the weak link and if she gets loose on appeal it will be all his fault.  As they are exiting for the courthouse someone blows off the Grave Diggers head, literally.  The Jeffersonian team jumps into action and determines it was a sniper shot that occurs from an impressive distance.

Booth’s first thought is that Max, Brennan’s dad, may be a suspect.  He tried to kill the Grave Digger when she was first arrested, but Booth stopped him.  Things don’t look good when we realize Max is lying to Brennan about his location.  However, he provides receipts and other alibi information about his real location, and once the sniper spot is found it is clear to Booth that Max could not have done it.  Booth looks at local suspects, but none of them could have made the shot either.  Booth narrows his search down further to the only 6 men in the world who could make the shot, besides himself of course.  The list grows even smaller when Bones notes that the snipers stabbed a victim with the left hand and shot with the right.  Bill is brought in for questioning but he has an alibi and reminds Booth that Booth’s mentor, Brodsky, could have made that shot.

Booth doesn’t want to believe it, but knows that only he or Brodsky could have made the shot.  Booth goes out to find Brodsky and finds him.  The face off, Brodsky blows up his home, and Booth has a chance at shooting him but hesitates.  Brodsky lets him know that he knows Booth will never be able to shoot him.  Booth tells Caroline and Bones about his hesitation and the hunt for Brodsky continues.

A good episode of Bones and I am definately hooked on this sniper plot line.  I can’t wait to see where this goes, what about you all?

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