Last nights episode of Chuck left me unhappy.  First of all it felt very rushed, we just learned last week that Sarah was going to go rouge in order to infiltrate Volkof and this week she is already in and it is reported by Morgan that she has done all kinds of double agent action since we last saw her.  Keep in mind that when this season began this was supposed to be the 12th episode of a 13 episode season, so I get that the creators didn’t think they had time to play our Sarah turning rouge.  However, I also feel like there could have been more effort put into explaining how exactly she has tricked Volkof and Chuck’s mom into believing she would just abandon Chuck.  Second of all, in this particular storyline, I had a real issue with Chuck thinking it would be a really quick operation for Sarah to infiltrate the most powerful super villian they have faced in just a few weeks.  I know he isn’t a born and bred spy, but really Chuck has to have some idea that these things take time.  And finally, when Sarah decides the ignore Chuck’s message at the end (when he is beginning to wonder is she has really went rouge) just felt like another lazy reason to keep Chuck and Sarah apart.

Then add in the useless subplot of Ellie and awesome naming their child and you had a pretty weak episode.  The only redeeming story line came from Morgan-Alex-Casey.  Alex and Morgan are still dating and things are getting serious (he let her wear his never won Back to the Future t-shirt, it must be love).  Casey is playing protective dad and still building his odd but loving friendship with Morgan.  When Casey snuck in and built his daughter some shelves, it was truly touching.  Plus, when Alex said she was starting to love Casey (while he was in a coma after “rouge” Sarah punched him out a window) it was heart warming.  I hope we see more of this story line and that Sarah and Chuck will finally just get it together.  I am tired of these stupid, artificial roadblocks being thrown up in that relationship.  What do you all think, was Chuck disappointing, or did I miss something?

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