Bones returned tonight with my least favorite squintern Clark (seriously where the hell is Wendell).  But boring Clark aside, this was a pretty good episode of Bones.  The mystery was a body found rotted away in a shower and who exactly she was.  First thought was a socialite, but as body id went on it was realized she was an Asian girl who worked at a local restaurant that also moved counterfiet bags.  The socialite is found after an overdose and reports she was not home, but we learn there was a “nanny” cam in her room that her boyfriend used to keep track of who she was spending her time with.  The cam manages to catch our murder victim with a mystery man, thanks to Angela’s techy ways a face is found and it turns out to be the cop tracking the counterfeit ring.

However, the big story tonight was that little bomb Bones dropped before the winter break—that she loved Booth.  Booth decides he has to tell Hannah, who takes it suprisingly well but does try to avoid Bones.  Bones doesn’t realize what is happening until Angela lays things out for her.  Hannah and Bones have a heart to heart and agree that this is something they can move past.  And after some advice from Angela, Bones decides to try and move on.  I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I’m getting tired of the “will they/won’t they” but some of the best moments have come from tension between Booth and Bones.  I am sure that this is definately not the end of the Booth/Bones drama, but I am kind of wishing they would just make a decision.  Oh, and get rid of Hannah.  She annoys me just as much as Clark doess.

What did you all think?  Are you happy to have Bones back in your life?

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