Welcome back Chuck!  Despite being slightly fed up with you last year, I have missed you!  Ok Chuck Fans, so what did you think?  This was a great episode to come back on and everything just seemed to click.

Chuck has finally decided to go through with his proposal, but knowing Chuck wants perfection for Sarah there are problems along the way.  The first proposal in an Italian Restaurant has to be scrapped due Sarah’s parents having a bad proposal in the same setting.  Funny stuff here, especially seeing little Morgan in the street with a hand full of balloons.  Luckily for Chuck this is not his last chance.  The next mission is taking place at vineyard in France.  Morgan convinces Chuck to pick his romantic balcony and get it done.

Setting aside the horrendous green screen work, the setting was believable.  The crew is looking for a microchip that has been hidden in a bottle of wine.  Chuck gets to take lead with Sarah and Casey gets to do some fun work as Chuck’s “man servant”.  It doesn’t take long for the chip to be found but we get some funny word play between Chuck and a snooty wine taster.  We also get a great Chuck fight scene while trying not to spill a glass of wine.  Chuck heads up to his balcony to propose but Casey has already set up an exit and Chuck and Sarah must leave.

A quick return to the states and Sarah has realized what Chuck is up to.  She confronts Morgan and makes him turn double agent on Chuck so that she can help ensure that the proposal is a success.  Beckman sends Chuck and Sarah back to the vineyard to make an exchange witht he chip.  Chuck, Morgan, and Sarah are prepared for a full moon proposal.  Of course, because we can’t just be happy, the proposal is interrupted when the CIA comes to arrest Sarah for treason.  If I wasn’t so tired of something always coming between Chuck and Sarah this would have been more shocking.  Unfortunately, I was so annoyed I didn’t even care that this was all a plot to make Sarah look like a double agent so she could infiltrate Volkof.  Granted it was a heartwarming moment when Chuck and Sarah said goodbye.  I just can’t figure out a way that anyone would believe Sarah would be a turncoat at this point in her career.

Despite a weak ending to the Chuck/Sarah story, I enjoyed it.  Of course, things only got better when Jeffster! showed up.  Lester has been set up in an arranged marriage and was looking for a way out of it, until he saw her and realized she was a “12”.  Lester tries a couple different approaches with her that don’t work, so he makes a third attempt by being himself.  Unfortunately for him his true self is one half of Jeffster!.  Despite a moving rendition of “Is This Love”, Lesters new lady friend is not impressed and walks away from the arranged marriage.  It was one of Lester’s most honest moments and I hope the story continues on for a while.

Great stuff in my opinion, but what did you all think?

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