Yes! House is back.  The opening sequence has a father/ bass player, Jack (Matthew Lillard) jumping on the train tracks to save a woman who is having a seizure.  They  both survive but Jack loses conscientiousness and newbie Martha Masters brings him to the team as a case.

House played Cuddy and Wilson by getting out of birthday dinner with Cuddy and her mother and getting out of a night with Wilson on the same day.  What is House up too?

Taub and his wife Rachel are still having issues with trust.  This couple should give it up!

House is sure that something is wrong with Jack’s brain while the rest of the team thinks otherwise.  Chase gets asked to leave for the face of the hospital… Taub. 

Cuddy and Wilson confronted House when they talk with each other about being blown off by House.  House just wanted to spend the evening by himself.  He was forced to make a choice and he chose Wilson.  Lucky for House Wilson was going to Cuddy’s birthday dinner.

Who else but Candice Bergen to play Cuddy’s mother, Arlene!  She was great in this role.  The dinner ends with House giving both Arlene and Wilson a sedative at the dinner table.  Happy Birthday Cuddy.

House does it again!  Jack’s daughter was a carrier for chicken pox from her school.  Not such a big deal for kids but a very big deal for 5% of adults!  This also caused Jack to go back on his word to his wife and go back on the road with his band.

Taub decided that it was time for him and Rachel to get a divorce.  Finally, way to man up Taub.


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