Bob’s Burgers is the newest addition to Fox’s Animation Domination block of shows.  I had read mixed reviews for Bob’s Burgers but am happy to report this is a nice addition to Fox’s animated series.  Created by Loren Bouchard (Home Movies, The Ricky Gervais Show) Bob’s Burgers focuses on Bob Belcher and his family as they run the family restaurant.  The show is a mix of sight gags and completely inappropriate statments that will have you laughing out loud.  When the first episode had the daughter rename the burger of the day “The Child Molester” (a burger with candy) I laughed out loud.  I know that some people will find this offensive, and I will admit that the “joke” about the oldest daughters itchy crotch was beyond low brow, but damn it I still laughed.  And lets face it, a little laughter on a Sunday night is never a bad thing.

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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in Knoxville, TN. I love all things TV and Movies and love to discuss them with anyone who wants to talk! Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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