Tonight was the season 4 opener.  As we start off with the graduation of Casey, Evan and Ashleigh.  I was torn tonight because on Lifetime TheCraigslist Killer  with Jake McDorman was also premiering.  Jack McDorman as Evan or Jake McDorman as Phillip Markoff… Decisions, decisions.  Oh yeah, shout out to Billy Baldwin.

 Okay back to Greek.  Ashleigh’s having a rough time in New York.  Casey found out she got a bad recommendation from possibly Joel and that caused her to not get inot CRU.   Rusty feels that Cappie is being a jerk to Casey because she is going to GW.  Rebecca is trying to find a house mother for the ZBZ house with a little help from Dale.  Maybe a little too much help from Dale.  She flips out on him at the toga party because he is not greek.

Rusty took action and wants to run for president of the KT’s against Cappie.  Poor Cappie, not only does he want to be young forever he wants to be pres forever!  Rusty promised to get everyone laid during his speech for presidency.  It looks like he has what it takes.

Casey found out that Joel is a douche and gave her a bad recommendation due to “her lack of integrity.”  Apparently she withheld information and mislead him.  That is the problem with workplace romance so take note.  Casey handled herself well in getting Joel to rescind his letter.  Casey didn’t stop there.  She stuck it to Cappie for not saying goodbye and then received a call from CRU because she got in and she decided to stay.  But not because of Cap. 

Evan struggled with housing for law school, while Calvin loses control of his house.

It looks like a pretty solid start to the season.  Why are they leaving it as a continuation of three more years with main characters if this is to be the final season

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