Plot Summary: The Warriors Way is a samuri-western starring Dong-gun Jang, Kate Bosworth, and Geoffrey Rush.  Jang plays Yang, the greatest swordsman to live ever who on the mission that would cement him as the greatest warrior and finally defeat his lifelong enemy suffers a crisis of conscience.  This comes upon realizing that the last living enemy he has is a small baby girl.  Yang decides to save her but quickly realizes he cannot stay in his home anymore and travels to America, the Wild West.  He meets a town of circus folks and bonds with Lynne (Bosworth).  While Yang is running from the Sad Flutes (his ninja gang), Lynne and the town are facing their own enemy in the form of Geoffrey Rush playing the insane and psychotic Ron and his gang of murderers.  Yang is forced to go back to his greatest swordsman ways and protect the town not only from Ron but also from the Sad Flutes who have came to kill Yang and the baby.

Sunshine’s Thoughts: The Warriors Way was entertaining, but suprising.  I was thinking it would be more like Ninja Assassin, but it leaned sharply away from bloody action and more towards growth and romance.  Not that this was a bad thing.  The story of Yang growing from a cold blooded killer to a man with true purpose was well told and moving.  Though the action was limited, when it did occur it was truly amazing.  Mixing great acrobatics (from Yang and the ninja gang) with impressive western gun play the action was enthralling and fun.  Kate Bosworth even suprised with her “awww shucks” haunted Texas beauty.  Just take this as fair warning that if you are going into this just for blood and guts, you will be disappointed. 

Elizabeth’s Thoughts

This movie was not what I expected.  I did enjoy it but I think they should show more of the town and less of the ninja during the previews.  I was leaning towards a 3 out of 5 but the visuals on this film bumps it up a bit for me.

We give this film 3 1/2 out of 5 decapitated ninjas.

About Sunshine

I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in Knoxville, TN. I love all things TV and Movies and love to discuss them with anyone who wants to talk! Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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