Here is what you got to hear last night on Glee:

  • Don’t Cry For Me Argentina performed by Kurt and Rachel
  • The Living Years performed by the Hipsters
  • Hey Soul Sister performed by the Warblers
  • I’ve Had the Time of My Life performed by Sam and Quinn
  • Valerie performed by Santana and New Directions
  • Dog Days are Over performed by Mercedes and Tina

There is only one way to describe last nights Glee: COP OUT!  In an insanely bad episode we saw our Glee crew go to Regionals.  It was so boring and thorughly disappointing so I’m just going to hit the low points for you:

  • Mr. Shue decides to completely mix up the Glee dynamics right before regionals
  • Santana reveals she slept with Finn, so Rachel decides to make out with Puck.  Only problem—her and Finn weren’t dating when he slept with Santana so yeah she cheated.  Rachel and Finn broke up.  The only upside–Puck maning up and refusing to hurt his friend again.
  • The Warblers found Kurt too theatric/dramatic—-really!
  • Regionals ends in a TIE…A FREAKING TIE!  Are you kidding me Glee???  I would have rather seen New Directions lose epsecially since the entire performance sucked.  It was mostly Sam, Quinn, and Santana singing so that doesn’t really scream Glee club to me.  Add to that the fact that Sam and Quinn pretty much ruined I’ve Had the Time of My Life.
  • Emma runs off and marries the dentist in Vegas.  Yeah, probably would have had more impact if we had seen any part of the relationship this season.  Plus, we would all rather see Mr. Shue with Emma and we know that this is not going to last long!
  • Then at the very end Mercedes and Tina get a pity song since they got to do nothing all season!

So overall, I was extremely disappointed in last nights episode.  It felt disjointed and forced.  Christmas episode next week then we get a break here is hoping the show goes out on a high note.


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  1. Valerie says:

    It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Okay, this episode had a song that had my name on it, and I couldn’t even stand it. The thing that sucked the most for me was that Mr. Sue did exactly what their High School does: it glorified the cheerleaders and jocks and oppress the geeks. Furthermore, the fact that an OCD person like Emma could get married on a whim TWICE seems so unbelievable! Like the last end season, the voting doesn´t add up… Which makes me wonder if they ever do the math. Rachel is so vilified, and what the rest of the gleeks do to here is almost bullying. The reactions are never proportional. C’ommon Quinn slept with Finn’s best friend, got pregnant and blame it on him, and he was all attentive in the firsts episodes. He is never there for Kurt. Only in the last 5 minutes of the episode and he is automatically forgiven. I don’t know why Rachel gets so much hate. But if you got give the solo to other is could have been to Artie, Mercedes, Puck and Tina (who can actually sing really well – it is a SINGING competition after all) and not Barbie and Ken (who sing well but not prize worthy).

  2. Sunshine says:

    Very good points! I just felt like they have no choice but to win at sectionals. I think I would be happier if we had not even had this sectionals episode and just had them say they had won and get to move on. Also, did you wonder where Vocal Adrenaline was at? Did they just get a bye this year?!

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