Last night on Glee you got to here:

  • Sway performed by New Directions
  • Just the Way You Are performed by Finn and New Directions
  • Ohio performed by Carol Burnett and Sue Sylvester

Now that is the way you bounce back from last weeks (in my opinion) sub-par episode of Glee.  Not only did Glee bounce back, but it did it with minimal singing and some truly touching moments.  Burt (Kurt’s dad) and Carole (Finn’s mom) announce their engagment and Kurt is pumped.  Finn is not sure what to think, other than he wants to be the man again (although I don’t really remember him being the man, but whatever) and not let Sam steal his glory.  Kurt throws himself into planning the wedding, but continues to be bullied by Korofsky.  The Glee Girls decide to make the Glee Boys man up and face Korofsky.  Finn, of course, doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and does not participate in the confrontation.  Things go bad, Sam and Korofsky get into a big fight and everyone is disappointed that Finn did not man up.

Kurt and Mr. Shue go talk to Principal Sue who tells them there is not much she can do.  Things go along smoothly until Burt and Finn meet with Kurt for their dance lessons.  Korofsky walks by, makes a “gay” hand gesture and Burt snaps.  Kurt admits that Korofsky threatened to kill him, Burt slams Korofsky into a wall and Principal Sue suspends him.  All seems right with the world.  The wedding goes off as planned (very moving by the way) and Finn admits he has not been much of a friend or brother to Kurt and promises to man up.  He then sings Just the Way You Are for Kurt, but for some reason they kept all the feminine pronouns in the song.  A little weird, but the sentiment shined through. 

Korofsky appeals his expulsion to the school board and they agree to let him back in school.  Kurts new mom and dad can’t bear to see him face that and give up their honeymoon money to send him to the all boys private school we got to see a few weeks back.  Kurt tells New Directions he is gone, everyone is upset but it seems there is no changing his mind.

Meanwhile, Principal Sue has decided to plan her own wedding to herself.  Her mom (Carol Burnett) famed Nazi Hunter shows up for the wedding.  There are still hurt feelings due to her abandoning Sue and her sister to go hunt said Nazi’s.  This wedding also goes off without a hitch, but mom and Sue have a final confrontation were Sue lays it all out that they were abandoned.  It was an odd sub-plot and seemed like a reason just to have Carol Burnett on the show, but it was entertaining none the less.

Then in the sub-sub-plot of the episode, Sam tells Quinn a promise ring and tells her that he loves her.  She isn’t so sure, but after seeing him take a beating for Kurt, she decides she loves him too and agrees to wear his ring.  Aw, ain’t love grand.

One of my favorite episodes of this season and a nice reminder that Glee does not have to be packed wall to wall with song.


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