When it comes to the patient science and faith are challenged.  In the end we get a happy ending for this father and daughter with a non believing speech from House.  Also, the playlist for this episode was on point.  The team is at a wedding reception and we get to hear a little Toni Braxton! 

Taub and his wife are on the outs again.  He thinks she is seeing someone but she has been attending an infidelity support group.

Wilson and Sam break up.  Leave it to Sam to walk away again and leave it to Wilson to not take his own advice.

House and Cuddy.  What is there to say.  He lied, she found out, he apologized but didn’t mean it.  Why is House sabotaging this relationship?  Well, until next time, sign off on your thoughts.

House and Cuddy (buddytv.com)


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