Here is what you got to hear last night on Glee:

  • Forget You: performed by Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Make em’ Laugh: performed by Will and Mike Chang
  • Nowadays: performed by Rachel and Gwyneth
  • Umbrella/Singing in the Rain: performed by Will, Gwyneth, and Glee Club

In watching Glee last night, I learned something new about myself, I am not a Gwyneth Paltrow fan.  I did not know this but the longer the show went, the more she grated on my nerves.  It may have just been her character, Holly Holiday, that wore on me, but the more I think on it, the more I cannot name one thing that she has done that I enjoy.

Add to my new found dislike of Gwyneth, the return of my most hated character, Will’s ex-wife Teri.  She showed up because Will caught the monkey flu (through a very gross, but kind of funny plot by Sue) and was out of commission.  She showed up, fed will some soup, put on Singing In the Rain, rubbed some vicks vaporub on his back (God bless a shirtless Will Schuster), then they proceeded to hook up.  Yeah, I buy that because they have been reconciling this whole season…..oh, wait they haven’t been and that came completely out of left field.  Iwas glad to see him tell her to leave at the end, but seriously he knows better, and I could do without her for the rest of this shows life.

But lets wipe that unpleasentness from our mind, and move on to the other thing I didn’t enjoy tonight, Gwyneth as Holly Holiday.  She burst on to the scene as a sub that Kurt picked to cover glee club due to seeing her perform conjunction junction in english class.  It was cute, but things just went down hill from there.  Holly came to glee club, told them they should be making there on decisions, sang Cee-Lo’s Forget You (and kind of made it suck), buddied up with everyone (even Rachel), sang Nowadays (with amazing and completely unbelievable production value), let Mercedes get in major trouble for vandalzing Sues car (in a horrible sub-plot about her obsession with tater tots), then went to Will crying to save her.

Will comes back and immediately shuts down any ideas that are not his, then feels bad and asks Holly to help him and we end up with the Umbrella/Singing in the Rain mash up, which looked amazing, but I would have enjoyed more without Gwyneth.  I will say this though, the show apparently cannot find a male character that does not look AMAZING in a button down vest, white shirt, and slacks.  I mean they looked hot, and add water to that and it only got better.  But, that was the only high point for me. 

Also, kudos to Glee for the attempt and continuing with Kurts being bullied story line.   It was nice to see them not just drop that like it didn’t happen, but the continuation to this week was so brief, and creepy that it just did not work.

An overall disappointing episode of Glee, I think that its time for an episode without a guest star or a new character being added.  Lets get back to basics Glee!


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    What! I love Gwyn. Can’t wait to see her Country Strong movie. It doesn’t hurt that Garrett Hedlund is in it. I can’t stand that darn Will Schuster!

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