Office Politics 7.6

The just of this episode was that Cuddy put the pressure on House to hire a female for his team.  This is when we are all introduced to Amber Tamblyn’s character Martha Masters.  Martha has a connection with Taub.  He interviewed her at another hospital.  I like the chemistry between House and Martha.  He knows she is smart and is on point but he just doesn’t want to like or trust her.  The case dealt with a senator’s campaign manager who falls ill.  In typical House style he lied about test results in order to treat the patient and save his life.

House and Martha (

A Pox on Our House 7.7

This is one of the best episodes this season.  A family goes diving in the water and of course find a jar with something in it.  The daughter instantly drops the jar as she gets it on the boat and cuts her hand.  House and his team try to figure out what is going on but House believes it to be Small Pox.  As the family is quarantined the CDC is called in and the hospital is put on lock down.  Dr. Dave Broda (Baker) is not the friendliest person but as the representative for the CDC he is taking things very seriously.  The father becomes very ill and starts to deteriorate faster than the daughter.

 House received the captains log from the ship which the jar came from and got a “translator” to get information on what happened many years ago.  With the captain’s log the team believed that Small Pox was not the answer, well at least House and Martha didn’t believe it.

Wilson dealt with a child patient whose mother and stuffed animal were locked out of the hospital due to the Pox situation.  Sam was there to help although she was not much help in the beginning.  In the end the tiny patient agreed to the treatment without her mom being there.  This led Sam and Wilson to a baby conversation.

As the father was in his final hours HOuse went in without protective gear to prove that he did not have Small Pox.  Then he died and everyone was worried that House would be next.  Martha went back to the captains log and found more information that led her to believe that House was right all along.  It wasn’t Small Pox on that boat it was another form of Pox that was curable.  House was safe, the daughter was safe and the CDC cost the family the father due to their lack of cooperation with House and his team.  What an intense episode!

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