Alright Gleeks, I am back and we had an action packed episode to pick up on.  But first, here is what you got to hear on Glee last night:

  • Teenage Dream performed by Kurts new infatuation Darren Criss who played the openly gay Warblers member
  • One Love (People Get Ready) performed by Artie and Puck
  • Start Me Up/Livin On a Prayer performed by the girls of Glee
  • Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind performed by the boys of Glee

First of all, lets get a big “hell yeah” because our boy Puck is back from juvie.  He got out by agreeing to do community service helping a “crip”, which in the mind of the parole board meant a gang member, but to Puck meant helping Artie be cool.  We got some great Artie/Puck time, and I must say that any character can benefit from a little Puck time (remember when he dated Mercedes, I even liked that).  So Artie is regreting his blow off of Ms. Brittany.  Puck agrees to help him out in getting her back and explains to him that you only have to be half as nice as you were mean to the girl to win her back.  Which for Brittany is especially true.  Things are going along great, Artie and Puck sing “One Love” together (beautifully I might add) and earn some cash doing it.  They decide to take Mercedes and Brittany out to Breadsticks for a little dinner with some sooki sooki later (Puck’s words, not mine).  The dinner goes well, until its time to pay, Puck wants to dine and dash, but Artie just can’t do it and pays for the meal.  For being uncool, Puck takes both girls and leaves Artie at the restaurant.  Puck’s parole officer finally figures out what his community service really was and tells him he has three days to do some real community service or head back to juvie.  Puck decides to run away, but Artie tells him that he has had fun hanging out with him and would love to help him pass some classes if they can just be friends.  Puck agrees and I think we have the makings of an excellent buddy comedy.

Meanwhile, its boys v. girls time at Glee again.  Again, Kurt wants to be with the girls, but Mr.  Shue says no.  Kurt is a little tudey lately and that is directly linked the open gay bashing happening to him daily in the hallways and the classroom.  The main bully being Karofsky of the football team.  He takes every chance he can get to bash Kurt into a locker and Kurt just can’t take much more.  He gets pushed over the edge when Mr. Shue flips the rules and requires the boys to do traditionally girl songs and the girls to do traditionally boy songs.  Kurt tries to lead the group toward Diana Ross and gets blown off and instructed to go check out the competition, the Warblers of the all boys school in town.  Kurt goes to check it out and meets Blaine (Darren Criss).  The minute he sees Blaine perform we can see the love in his eyes, finally a fellow gay man with talent.   Blaine knows Kurt is a spy, but rather than beat him up he gives him some words of encouragement to continue on and confront his bullies.  Kurt heads back with his new found courage and confronts Karofsky, who in turn kisses Kurt!  You read that right, Karofsky is struggling with his own sexuality and apparently has a little crush on Kurt.  Kurt and Blaine try to talk to Karosky about his confusion, but he wants no part of it and continues to be an angry bully targeting Kurt.  While confronting him did not stop the bullying it has brought some level of comfort to Kurt knowing he has that courage and it doesn’t hurt that he has Blaine too.

In what was probably the strangest yet most moving story lines of the night, we learned how our Glee boys and one girl (Tina) are keeping those urges in check.  They picture Coach Beiste.  This all blows up when Sam and Tina say Beistes name during makeout sessions.  Their significant others wonder if this means they are doing something with Coach Beiste, and Sue is all to happy to hop on board to use this to take her down.  Of course Coach Beiste has no idea what is going on, but confronts Mr Shue about it after Mike Chang warns her to stay away from his woman.  Mr. Shue tells Beiste and it breaks her heart and she resigns from her job.  Mr. Shue makes one last attempt to bring her back and we get our heartwarming moment of the week when Beiste explains she has never been kissed.  Mr. Shue gives her the first kiss, and the Glee club pays tribute to her with the Stop!/Free Your Mind mash-up.  It appears to have won her over and i’m guessing we can look foward to more from her in the future.

A great Glee that had good musical performances and strong storylines all around.  And I must say it was nice to have Rachel fall to the background this week.  The previews from next week have me worried because it looks like the “ex-wife who shall not be named” is back and taking care of a sick Mr. Shue.  I will hope that this is just a momentary loss of sanity on Mr. Shue’s part.  See you all next week!

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