Frost (aka Chucks mom) is in CIA custody thanks to Sarah.  Frost sends Chuck out to find an agent that will clear her name.  Chuck takes Morgan along and manages to find the agent, but Fulcrum takes Chuck and the agent hostage.  Of course Morgan is in the bathroom when this happens.

Sarah and Casey decide Frost has set Chuck up and are determined to get the truth out of her.  Chuck and his agent friend fight off the Fulcrum agents on the plane.  Meanwhile, Frost stonewalls Sarah and Casey, Morgan comes to the rescue and Frost agrees to help if she is taken to see Ellie.  On the plane, Chuck and the agent have realized they can’t reach the controls so they have to parachute out.

Chuck lands safely and gets to spend his trip back to LA sharing his relationship woes with his agent friend.  Frost and Ellie finally get to visit.  Mama Bartowski does some reminiscing with Ellie and Frost finally reveals to Ellie what happened.  Of course we don’t get to hear it all, but the montage looked moving.  Frost calls in for a location on the agent Chuck is with and agrees to take Sarah to him.  They meet up and the agent has retrieved the disks to clear Frost.  Volkofs men show up at that moment and lock down the bank.

Chuck and Sarah manage to fight off the agents and settle their little spat about trust.  Our agent friend took a bllet, and the gang heads to Orions house to use his computer.  When Casey and Morgan arrive, the injured agent is gone, and the disk to clear Frost is empty.  Frost took a small video player out of Orions boxes and uses it to do what looked like an intersect flash.  Then our agent friend appears and we learn he is Volkof.

Volkof tells Chuck that Frost is definately a traitor and that the whole point was to destroy Orions lair and all of his research.  But, Frost may not be that bad, as she slips a means of escape into Sarahs hands.  Chuck can’t flash, so the new flash definately did something to him.  Orions research gets destroyed, but Ellie has found a secret from her dad.  He has sent her his old mustang which clearly has some awesome secret.  But we won’t know that secret for 2 weeks as that is when we get our next new Chuck.

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