So, Jax and the rest of the crew, with Gemma in tow, make it to Belfast.  It looked like a good SAMCRO reunion but something seemed amiss.  Gemma looked like she was ready to stab Maureen when she introduced her daughter, Trini, aka Jax’s sister!  I was creeped out by the flirtation that went on between the brother and sister throughout the episode.

Back in Charming Lila went to Tara to get help with an abortion.  This inspired Tara to do the same thing.  Their mindset is the timing isn’t right.  There will be some backlash from Opie, Gemma and Jax if this information gets out.  When they went to the clinic, Lila used the name Sarah Palin. Ha, ha, writing team.  Also, Tig and the new probies had to handle some home issues.  Hale’s brother is at it again.  Why did he not get ran over?

Jimmy O has his clutches in everyone, The Belfast crew is trying to run a fast one on our Charming guys.  This is not going to end well.  Father Ashby is using Abel as a pawn to get Jax to do his dirty work by getting rid of Jimmy O.  Is the Father pulling a fast one as well?  The final scene is Abel being picked up by a family.  Possible adoption?  This is exactly what I didn’t want.  A whole season of searching for Abel and then in th end never getting him back.  Fingers crossed that Jax and his son can be reunited.

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