Tonights episode gave us one of those rare chances to see Bones cut loose.  Our guest squintern for the night was The Science Dude.  He wanted Bones to do a guest spot on his show.  Of course Bones has no desire to be on a childrens show,, but agrees that if the Science Dude helps her with the case she will do his show.

The case tonight began when dumpster divers found the head and hands of a bounty hunter named the Wolf.  Wolf was hunting a high profile murderer so the assumption was that was who killed Wolf.  Science Dude finds a broken rib and assumes a gunshot but it was actually a previously broken rib chip that was knocked loose and punctured his heart.  Turns out a fellow bounty hunter shot him with a beanbag gun and killed him accidentally.  However, she cut his heads and hand off on purpose.  That story kind of dropped from there, I would have liked some explination as to why she did that but the show apparently ran out of time.

Science Dude made it through the whole case and after a heartwarming lecture from Angela (who announced she was going to name her daughter Temperance….probably her middle name) Bones agreed to do the show.  She wore an adorable bone suit and did the Science Dude oath.  It was the happiest and laid back we have ever seen Bones portrayed, and Booth was clearly seeing why he loved (and still loves) this woman.

Great episode, but no new Bones till November so savor this episode for a while.


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