Here is what you got to hear on Glee:
-Don’t Go Breakin My Heart: Rachel and Finn
-River Deep, Mountain High: Santana and Mercedes
-Le Jazz Hot: Kurt
-Sing!: Tina and Mike
-Lucky: Quinn and Sam
-Happy Days Are Here Again: Kurt and Rachel

After last weeks episode, Glee had a lot to live up too.  Of course it couldn’t maintain that high, but this was still an enjoyable episode.

Finn and Rachel: have decided to try and lose this duets competition to boost club morale and the morale of new guy Sam.  There rendition of Don’t Go Breakin My Heart was cute but predictable.

Sam: is officially in Glee due to Puck being in juvi.  He is originally supposed to det with Kurt but due to some interference from Finn ends up with Quinn.  They did Lucky and won the duets competition and went on a real date.

Kurt: wanted to sing with Sam but after some words of warning from Finn and his dad about pushing himself on people he decides to go it alone.  He does a great rendition of Le Jazz Hot and Happy Days.

Brittany and Artie: end up dueting and doing it together.  After Santana blows off Brittany she picks Artie and ends up taking his virginity.  That did not end well and Brittany seemed genuinely sorry she had used Artie.

Mike and Tina: we finally got to hear Mike sing….sorta.  He and Tina performed Sing! from Chorus Line so he really spoke more, but we got to see him dance so its all good.  Tina also started thinking things with Mike aren’t so awesome and was eyeballing Artie again….I feel changes coming.

Cute episode, two weeks before a new episode, but its The Rocky Horror episode so it will be well worth the wait!

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