This episode reminded me about how I felt with some of the scenes from Jackass 3D.  There was plenty of vomiting from the patient this week.  Chase hired Benedict and House was not pleased.  Except from how hot she is!  Taub and Foreman talked about how Foreman gave Benedict a hard time.  Taub thought he was having issues with replacing 13 with someone so easily.  House thinks that Benedict looks like Cameron and calls her Shameron.

House and Cuddy never spend the night with each other and then he had his massage therapy session.  Oh yeah, House’s massage therapist is a hooker that used to give him happy endings!  Cuddy put her foot down saying he would stop seeing her and until then she was not seeing him.  House plead his case that the endings were no longer happy.

Benedict did some investigating and found out that Margret, the patient had stolen an identity.  This does not work in the patient’s favor because the team needs her background to diagnosis and she was definitely hiding something.  It turned out she was married to a crazy person who would beat her.  I saw this story coming a mile away.  Her real name was Jenny.

House quizzed Benedict again and thinks that Jenny’s ex may have poisoned her.  Poor Benedict never had a chance.  Jenny’s new husband was not taking to well to being kept in the dark and left her room for some air.  Of course he went looking for the guy and got beat up.  Oh yeah, he went after the wrong guy.

House sent Cuddy a hot, foreign massage therapist.  He of course was a prostitute and she freaked out!  Cuddy concludes that House is trying to sabotage their relationship.  House isn’t the only one who is holding back because Cuddy is as well because she is protecting her daughter.

Jenny’s husband went to talk to her and she started having horrible hallucinations.  Benedict  thinks that the patient is suffering from Bi-Polar disorder.  House found out that “Jenny’s” story was a lie and that she was suffering from schizophrenia.


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