Last night, Sunshine and I took a wild adventure to see an early premier of Jackass 3D!  Two weeks ago Johnny decided to come home (Knoxville, TN) and do a premier of his new film for his family, friends and fans!  It was a great experience.  There was a red carpet, the University of Tennessee dance team and cheerleaders and of course Smokey the Dog!  Johnny’s guest also received snacks, shirts, cups and posters.  

When he came into the theater he was welcomed with a standing ovation and cheers.  You could tell he was glad to be home because he gave a heart warming speech to his guest.  We then sung happy birthday to his mom!  Johnny Knoxville is a great guy who loves his family and loves his hometown.  Sunshine and I were separated by just one row! 

Sunshine's photo from her phone of Johnny Knoxville!

E:  The film itself was typical Jackass stunts!  This is the 10th year of this franchise and if you thought you have seen everything you haven’t.  The 3D effects on this movie are amazing.  Some parts even felt like an IMAX film were the need to dodge was inevitable.  Two of my favorite stunts included Knoxville on roller skates, dancing with a bull.  You can only imagine where that will go.  And Bam Magera falling in a pit of snakes.  It was a mix of fake and real and we all know how he has a fear of snakes!  We even get some guest apperances from Sean William Scott and a few football players you may know.  For this film I have to take away two stars because that is the amount of times I thought I would get sick during the movie.  3/5 stars, Go see it if you are a Jackass fan and if you want to see the proper use of a 3D camera! 

S:I loved this movie, though I did think I would be sick @ the screening! Check it out and suppport those Jackass boys!   

Jackass 3-D doesn’t come out until October 15th in theaters. 

 Check out the local news for more on Johnny Knoxville coming home to Knoxville, TN : 

Johnny Knoxville will be on David Letterman this Thursday.


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