A children’s author (Irving) had a seizure just before she tried to shoot herself in the opening scene.  At the hospital House and Wilson have a talk about what happens after the honeymoon period between House and Cuddy.  Wilson then informed him that his favorite author was in the ER.  In order to stop Alice from leaving House put her on a 72 hour psych hold.  I get the feeling that House wants to keep her alive to see what happens in her boy detective books.

Foreman and Taub went to do an examination on Alice.  She was very evasive and requested a woman doctor.  Foreman told her that they needed to observe her overnight to see what happened.  House and Cuddy were supposed to go on a date but he took her on a case to the author’s house.  Meanwhile, Chase had a date with a smoking hot woman.  Literally she was smoking and was good-looking.

House went to Cuddy to for a woman doctor.  Cuddy told him he had a week to find a female replacement for Thirteen.  When Cuddy went to give Alice an examination and her assistant, Christina, gave up the scent that House and Cuddy were at her house.  Alice fired Christina and then told Cuddy to bring the men back.

Chase and Taub saw Alice talking to herself, the character from her book.  She then called Chase out about his smoker one night stand.  She then went to Taub, calling him out as a cheater.  She then started to feel excruciating pain before Taub could give her a new treatment.  House added another 24 hours to her time when she tried to kill herself again.

House was able to read the Alice’s final Jack book.  He found that a character who dies halfway through the book has Alice’s symptoms.  The team thinks it is Lupus.  House doesn’t want it to be Lupus because there is no cure but there is treatment.

House, Cuddy, Wilson and Sam went on a double date go karting.  Cuddy took it to the next level with Sam who played dirty.  In the end House used his cane to pull Sam’s gas and won the race.  House and the rest of the gang were kicked out of the establishment.  Cuddy complained about her neck and Wilson said, “that’s just the pain talking.”  This gave House an idea about what is wrong with Alice.

Alice has Hypothyroidism.  This is curable and House tells her to finish the book the way Jack deserves.  As she is yelling she became paralyzed.

Jack is a character based on Alice’s son who died in a car wreck.  She blamed herself.  The truth was that her son had a brain aneurism and died before the car crash.  The only thing the crash killed was her.  After realizing it was no one’s fault she accepted treatment.  Of course, House lied to the patient.  “She shouldn’t have let her son drive in the rain.”    House and Cuddy have a conversation about not dumping each other for not having things in common.  Cuddy would dump him if he doesn’t communicate how he is feeling.

Alice decided to move on and write adult books.  She felt the way she ended Jack was perfect because readers can figure out how they want it to end.  House is very upset that it was left on a clifhanger.  I feel you on that House!  He was about to be honest about Alice’s son when he saw Cuddy watching him and played it off and said he was very lucky to have her as his mother.


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