In this episode Nikita found a family (minus the father) and was trying to protect them.  It turned out that Nikita posed as the nanny of the deceased government official.   The mom was ready to shoot Nikita but didn’t and decided to listen to her in order to protect her family from Division.

Alex freaked out during a test under a car and had a flashback.  She became paralyzed with fear and had to be rescued by Thom.  Amanda checked up on the situation only to tell Michael he doesn’t look like he has control.  Later that day Alex tried to get to the computer lab to communicate with Nikita but Amanda requested her presence.  Once, Alex completed her task of calming down, Amanda said, ” You really remind me of Nikita.”

Percy, Birkoff and Michael figure out that Nikita was following up on her first kill.  Michael then had a flashback about when he activated Nikita.  It looked like they had some strong tension between them.  Nikita went on a rampage trying to free slave/ labor workers and telling them that whatever debt they owed to the red circle no longer existed.  She told the red circle minions to tell their boss she was coming for them.  Nikita is one bad chick.

Back at division Amanda wanted to get to the route of why Alex had a panic attack.  How does Amanda do it?  She drugged Alex’s tea and forced her to deal with her claustrophobia.  Michael and Birkoff tracked Nikita to a club owned by the red circle.  Once she got in she realized that Victor (the dead government official) is not so dead.  He was the Triad leader.  Guess what, he made a deal with Percy and that is why his death was faked.  Nikita informed Michael that Victor was alive and gave him the truth about Victor being a double agent.  Maybe Michael will realize he is playing for the wrong team. 

Of course Michael went to confront Percy.  The only thing was that Percy flipped it on Michael and said he knew never to ask.  Nikita met up with Victor and gave him the kiss of death.  Victor is allergic to peanuts and she put peanut oil on her lips.  She did give him his medicine so he didn’t die and was trying to get him in a car when one of Victor’s henchman pulled a gun on her.  Good thing Michael showed up to help her and make sure she didn’t get killed.  I am starting to like that guy.

The episode ended with Percy talking with someone on the phone who will replace Victor’s role.  Nikita had turned him in to the police and so everyone knew that Victor was alive.  Nikita went back to his first wife and child and was forgiven.  Back at Division, Amanda is not through with Alex.  She knows that she is hiding something.

This episode left me wondering if Percy is Michael’s dad?  Any thoughts?

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I am the co-creator of S and E Pop Culture. I currently live and work in East Tennessee. I love to watch, talk and write about all things popculture. Check out the blog and let me know what you think.

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