Jax and Clay hit the hard road to Canada because for some reason they think Abel will be there.  On the way up Clay has a hard time with gripping the bike due to his horrible arthritis.  Jax had to tie his hands to the bike.  Gemma had to put her father in a home and this was hard for her.  Good thing Tara was there for support.  I love the scenes with Gemma and Nate (Holbrook) can we get an Emmy for this acting?  Nate had some words of wisdom, “don’t let your family slip away.”  Then what do you know Jax and Clay showed up to get her.  Tig didn’t seem that excited.  Hopefully we will get some more Tig/ Gemma action later in the season.

Jax still protects his mom from the knowledge of Abel being kidnapped.  He then told Tara about how the crew is supposed to go to jail and showed her the picture of Abel and gave her the plan.  Tara then lied to Jax about what happened to Nate’s caregiver.  That’s the way to build a relationship, on lies.

It was very obvious that Nate remembered Clay and that they didn’t have a good relationship.  I wish we could get a flashback episode with a young Gemma, Clay and Jax’s dad!  Everyone is heading up north and Tara wants to go.  Jax wants her to go back to work and yelled at her that, “we are not your family.”  “YOu want to be an old lady?  Then pack your shit and act like one.  You are going back to Charming!”  This is just as good as Edward breaking up with Bella!  This made Tara spill the beans on the caregiver. 

Hal and Happy go to Honey for some drugs and run into some locals looking for the drugs as well.  SOA tries to take them on but there is some serious gun power on the other team.  Good thing the rest of the crew showed up.

Jimmy O’ paid Maureen a visit to find out where Abel is.  This sent Maureen to see Father Kellen.  He wants to stick to his plan.  He then told Maureen that when it was time that she should call Gemma and inform her of her grandson.  He also told her that Gemma was on the run and would be using a throwaway cell.  Meanwhile, Gemma called Agent Stahl!  Is she going to turn herself in or is she going to make some sort of deal?

Gemma went home to see her family.  So now everyone has to stop her.  See what happens when you keep secrets.  Gemma went home to find Abel but he was not there.  We then see a scene were it looks like Abel was sold to some sort of baby mill or adoption agency.  Nate was not happy with his new home but it looked like he accepted it.  Maureen got Gemma’s number and finally was able to get in touch with her and told her that her grandson was kidnaped and that he was in Belfast.  OMG!! what is going to happen next?  As Gemma falls out of what looks like a heart attack or a panic attack the boys pulled up.  Good thing Tara came home!


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