• Dad- Jim Powell (Chiklis) has super strength.
  • Mom- Stephanie Powell (Benz) has super speed.
  • Daughter- Daphne Powell (Panabaker) has telepathic abilities.
  • Son- JJ Powell (Bennett) became a genius.

How do you explain this real life Incredibles family.  We start off with Jim talking about his family and how it has changed and no one has time for family time.  Jim decided that the whole family would go to Belem, Brazil for some family time.  Stephanie needed to go for her work.  She is a research scientist.  Jim did not want his family to do what they do at home which is: text, work and watch tv.  He wanted the family to do things like tour the rainforest together.  While on their plane a massive storm came through and they had engine failure.  Need less to say the family survived but the pilot did not.  The family made promises after they survived.

The promises didn’t happen and the family went back to their old ways.  As Jim talked with his friend George (Malco) offered the help of a doctor that his two ex-wives wanted him to use.  The episode went on to show the family realizing their powers with Jim being the first with some help from George.  Stephanie confided with her lab tech, Katie Andrews (Reeser) This is how an ordinary family became an un-ordinary family!

Jim has a runin with another man with powers.  THey had a speed off but the other guy was turning into black smoke when he moved!  What’s up with that?  Oh yeah, the shadow is also with the good doctor.

Key points:

  • The window with curtain flying in the air like a drape is a nice touch for the intro.
  • Jim can’t fly but he can jump.
  • Shout out to 7th Heaven’s Stephen Collins!
  • No one can get anything past Daphne.  Even her cheating boyfriend!
  • Stephanie’s research in South America… will this cause trouble for the family once their secret gets out?
  • The effects used for the show were decent for basic television at 8pm

I will watch again but I don’t think this replaces the whole in my tv schedule were there is no more LOST.  The only cure for that is to bring back Invasion!


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