The show opens up with a Della (Alyson Stoner) at a skateboard competition when she collapses.  With her body rejecting a donor lung time was running out.  Her parents were already dealing with her terminally ill brother and now this.  It turned out that Della suffered from Sickle Cell and has had symptoms for a year.  She is on her death-bed unless she can get another donor lung.  This means going to the donor committee but she already damaged one donor lung.  Knowing House he had another way.  The parents decided not to take the lung from their son.  House had a crazy outburst!  This led to a major Huddy blowout! 

House wants Della’s family to get marrow and half a lung from her brother.  This would cut whatever time he has left in half.  Cuddy refuses to compromise one life for another.  House said okay and didn’t argue.  Cuddy saw this deferment because they are seeing each other.  House confirmed.  Della’s father asked if the committee would give his daughter another lung.  House said probably not.  The father asked if there was any way to save her and House told him about having his son as a donor.  The family had till the next day to decide.  Della figured out why her parents were arguing and what the family option was.  Della unhooked herself from her bed and was found having a respiratory arrest in a stairwell.  Taub told her parents she came there to die because she found out what was going on.

Of course Hugo, the brother, heard everything.  He went to his sister and told her that he wanted her to have half of his lung.  He got to watch her do great things and it would never be him out there doing great thing.  Della taking part of his lung would be the great thing he did with his life.  Hugo didn’t want to live without his sister.  The family held each other and cried.

At the hospital Cuddy and House aka Huddy announce their sexual relationship.

House worked in the clinic and had  to deal with an elderly man and his adult son on test and treatment.  The son wanted his father to get him into a home.  House recommended it and after the son saying his father couldn’t feel hot or cold.  Due to his denture cream the dad had zinc poisoning.  House suggested couple’s therapy.


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